Aliya Shaima Farooq, Shahbaz Ahmed, Muhammad Rizwan Javed, Sara Rizwan, Muhammad Asif, Rameez Hassan Khan.
Hemorrhoidectomy with and Without Lateral Internal Sphincterotomy in Terms of Post-Operative Pain Relief.
Annals Punjab Med Coll Jan ;13(4):283-6.

Objective: To compare hemorrhoidectomy with and without lateral internal sphincterotomy in terms of postoperative pain relief. Study Design: Randomized control trial. Settings: Department of surgery, Allied hospital Faisalabad Pakistan. Duration: January 2018 to June 2018. Methodology: This study was a randomized control trial, cases from both genders were selected as per inclusion criteria, Total 60 patients were selected & divided into two groups by random numbers, each group contained 30 patients, group A patients underwent Hemorrhoidectomy alone while group B patients underwent Hemorrhoidectomy with Lateral sphincterotomy, pain relief in both groups was compared at 24 hours postoperatively, P-value of less than 0.05 was taken significant. Results: Among 60 patients 35 (58.34%) were males while 25 (41.66%) were females, mean age of group A patients was 50.40+-11.96 years and of group B it was 43.26+-13.45 years. Four (13.33%) out of 30 patients in group A had pain relief, while in group B 19 (63.33%) out of 30 patients had pain relief at 24 hours. Conclusion: Hemorrhoidectomy with lateral sphincterotomy is better for treatment of 3rd degree, 4th degree internal hemorrhoids & external hemorrhoids.

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