Ali Abbas, Kumayl Abbas Meghji, Muhammad Shahab Hanif, Muhammad Saqib Baloch, Shazia Parveen Parveen Channar, Ahsan Aslam.
Effects of Escitalopram and Citalopram on Semen Parameters in Wistar Albino Rats.
Annals Punjab Med Coll Jan ;13(4):272-6.

OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the effects of citalopram versus escitalopram on semen parameters (count, motility, morphology) in wistar albino rates. SUBJECTS AND METHODS: The present Study was conducted at Isra University Hyderabad Sindh and Animal Protocol was conducted at Department of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Sciences, Sindh Agriculture University Tando Jam. Fifty (50) Albino Wistar Rats were divided into five groups namely group A (control) and experimental groups B, C, D and E. Escitalopram (0.4mg/kg P.O) and Citalopram (0.8mg/kg P.O) were given to all experimental groups (B, C, D and E) for six weeks. After six weeks rats of groups A, B and C were sacrificed through cervical dislocation and data was collected. While rats of groups D (citalopram reversal) and E (escitalopram reversal) were treated like control in order to observe the reversal effects of these drugs. Data was recorded in self-maid proforma. RESULTS: Sperm count in control and experimental groups (B and C) was 3.95+-0.64, 2.43+-0.49, 2.51+-0.52 that was decreased in experimental groups. While in reversal groups D and E it was significantly improved 2.82+-0.29 and 2.76+-0.50. Between the reversal groups there was no significant difference. Motility among control and experimental (B and C) was 78.9 %, 68.7% and 70.4% and in reversal groups D and E it was improved to 74.3% and 73.5%. Normal morphology among control and experimental (B and C) was 92.2%, 74.7% and 76.4% and in reversal groups D and E it was improved to 84.3% and 81.9%. Morphological abnormalities were more common in head as compared to tail. CONCLUSION: The present study concludes that Escitalopram and Citalopram both have harmful effects on sperm count, motility and morphology. Whereas Escitalopram is more toxic than Citalopram and on withdrawal of these drugs the semen parameters.

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