Rafi S, Rao MH, Billoo AG, Memon IA.
Risk factors of acute watery diarrhea.
Pak J Med Res Jan ;40(1):0-.

This was aprospective, descriptive sutdy conducted at the pediatrics Unit of the Civil Hospital, Karachi. The period of the study was from October 1,1995 to July 30, 1997. The objective was to determine the risk factors in acute watery diarrhea, which led to persistent diarrhea. 50 children with compaints of acute watery diarrhea of less than 15 days duration, coming to the pediatrics Out Patient Department and Emergency between 2 months and 5 years of age were enrolled in one group. 50 children with watery diarrhea of 15 days or more were enrolled in the second group. The various factors were studiesd in both the groups. Results show that children with persistent diarrhea were younger than children with acute diarrhea. (Mean values of 14.7 months as compared to 20.18 months). The male to female distribution was almost the same in both the groups. There was past history of measles in 10 as compared to 4 children, use of non-human milk in 5:4 children and recent introduction of this milk with in the last 3 months in 23 as compared to 6 children in the group with persistent diarrhea as compared to acute diarrhea. Patients with severe dehydration, PCM and post-diarrhea distention are more likely to develop persistent diarrhea.

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