Syed Asif Shah, Irfan Ullah, Muhammad Bilal, Mohammad Hamayun Shinwari, Adeeba Ahmad, Ehsan Ullah.
Mandibular Reconstruction with Free Fibula Flap: Experience at Hayatabad Medical Complex, Peshawar.
J Islamabad Med Dent Coll Jan ;8(4):198-202.

Background: Mandibular defects may result from trauma, infections, cancer ablation or radiation necrosis. These defects may vary according to the content and nature of the tissues that require reconstruction. The objective of this study was to evaluate the outcome of vascularised free fibula flap for mandibular reconstruction in terms of flap success rate and complications.Material and Methods: This prospective clinical study was carried out at Department of Plastic Surgery, Hayatabad Medical Complex, Peshawar from January 2014 to December 2018. The study included patients of either gender who underwent mandibular reconstruction with free fibula oseteocutaneous flap during the study period. Diabetic patients with underlying vascular pathologies and cachectic patients were excluded from the study.Results: There were 56 patients with 38 males and 18 females. Their age ranged from 24-66 years with a mean age of 36 years. The mandibular defects resulted from various etiologies and included: Squamous cell carcinoma (n=27, 48.21%), Giant cell granuloma (n=3; 5.35%), Ameloblastoma (n=2; 3.57%), Road traffic accidents (n=10; 17.85%), Firearm injury (n=9; 16%), Bomb blast injury (n=3; 5.35%) and osteoradionecrosis (n=2; 3.57%). Primary reconstruction of the mandibular defects was performed in 44 patients, whereas delayed reconstruction was performed in 12 patients. Out of the 56 flaps, 49 flaps survived completely. Our share of complications was as follows: Wound infections (n=13; 23.21%), Skin graft loss at donor site (n=5; 8.95%), Complete flap loss (n=4; 7.14%), Orocutaneous fistulae (n=3; 5.35%), Ankle instability (n=2; 3.57%), Skin paddle necrosis (n=1; 1.78%) and sensory deficit distal to donor site (n=1; 1.78%).Conclusions: Microvascular free fibula is a reliable tool for mandibular reconstruction following tumor resection or trauma. The flap has a high success rate and relatively fewer complications.

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