Imran Khan, Khalid Ahmad Orakzai, Arif Raza Khan, Muhammad Junaid, Israr-ud Din, Arshad Aziz.
Diagnostic accuracy of fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) in thyroid swellings: study from a tertiary healthcare facility in KPK.
J Med Sci May ;27(4):359-62.

Objectives:To determine the diagnostic accuracy of FNAC done at our institution keeping histopathology as the gold standard for comparison.Materials and Methods: This study is of a prospective validation design conducted at ENT department of Khyber teaching hospital (MTI) Peshawar ,Pakistan from January 2019 to August 2019. A total of 178 patients were included in the study and data regarding age, gender, FNAC and histopathological report were obtained from the patients along the course of their treatment. The results of FNAC were compared against those of histopathology. Results: FNACs were done for all the 178 cases included in the study. FNAC indicated thyroid disease in about 49 cases. Our study showed a sensitivity of 79.63% and specificity of 95.16%. Conclusion: FNAC is a sensitive, specific and accurate procedure and should be used for the preoperative assessment of thyroid patients.

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