Tariq Zahid Khan, Sana Mehfooz, Zeba Ahmed, Ali Akber Aftab, Zehra Aqeel Nizami, Saba Akhter.
Cosmetic satisfaction in patients undergone septorhinoplasty.
J Med Sci May ;27(4):281-5.

Objective: To compare the preoperative and postoperative satisfaction of patients with nasal deformities who have undergone septorhinoplasty as single staged procedure.Method: It was a propective study, done in Dr. Ruth K. M. Pfau, Civil hospital Karachi, from 1ST Jan 2018 to 31ST July 2019, on 25 patients who have undergone septo rhinoplasty. Satisfaction level of patients was evaluated preoperatively and post operatively. Rhinoplasty evaluation outcome (ROE) questionnaire was used. Scores were described as Poor< 12, Good 12-18, Excellent > 18.Result: In our study, there were 17 males and 8 females. It was found that preoperatively out of 25 patients, the satisfaction level was poor in 24 patients (96%), while in 1 patient (4%), it was good. Postoperatively the results showed that about 17 patients (68%) had good while 8 patients (32%) had excellent satisfaction scores. Mean preoperative satisfaction of patients was 5.5 ±3.61 which became 18.0 ±1.49 postoperatively. The mean preoperative satisfaction in 17 males was 6.07 ±3.62 and postoperatively it became 18.35 ±1.59. While in 8 females, mean satisfaction was 4.16 +- 3.48 preoperatively, which became 17.16 ±0.75 after surgery.Conclusion: It has been concluded that most of the patients were found to be satisfied with the procedure. The study is helpful in knowing the expectations of patients and achieving realistic goals in septorhinoplasty.

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