Saleem Iqbal, Mahboob-ur Rahman, Sheema Khan, Mian Afaq Ali, Mohammad Darwesh Iqbal, Noor-ul Iman.
Frequency & characteristics of diarrhea in patients with acute dengue fever.
J Med Sci May ;27(4):277-80.

Objectives: To determine the frequency & characteristics of the acute diarrhea in patients admitted with acute dengue fever. Material & Methods: It was a retrospective study conducted in the medical department of Khyber Teaching Hospital,Peshawar from September 2017 to January 2018. All adult patients, from 14 years of age consecutively admitted in the hospital, having signs & symptoms suggestive of dengue fever & who were NS1 positive, were included in the study.Results: We examined 260 patients, 174 were males, 144 ie 54.4% had acute diarrhea, 55.172% amongst them were males. 56.93% of the patients developed diarrhea on the 2nd to 3rd day, which subsided in 2-4 days in 72.91% patients,the frequency of stools was between three to five per day in 81.25% of patients, the stools were watery in 47.91%,mucous was present in the stool in 06.95% of our patients, fresh blood was present in stools in 4.16% patients, while only 00.69% patients had black coloured stools, reflecting blood from stomach, indicating haemorrhagic gastritis. Conclusion: Acute watery diarrhoea is a common presentation in our patients suffering from acute Dengue fever.

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