Khalid Javed, Ambrin Amjad, Muhammad Aziz, Abdul Qayyum.
Lumbar Epidural space depth has better relations to the Weight than Height of the Patient.
Ann King Edward Med Uni Jan ;9(1):62-4.

This study was carried out on one hundred and fifty male patients undergoing TURP and Cystoscopy under lumbar epidural anaesthesia in urology department mayo hospital with age between 30 years to 100 years with mean 64.29 years, weight 37kg to 96kg with mean 59.21kg and height between 140cm to 187cm with mean 165.34cm. All patients were administered single shot-lumbar epidural anesthesia with tuohy needle no 16 with bupivacain 0.5% volume ranging 15cc to 20cc at level of L3-4 or L4-5 level. Two patients developed lumbar puncture and managed conservatively. The lumbar epidural space ranged between 3.5cm to 6.5cm with mean depth 4.38±0.563. It was concluded statistically that lumbar epidural space depth had better relation to the weight of patients than height.

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