Khalid Abdullah, Niaz Hussain Keerio.
Dislocation thumb carpometacarpal joint with fracture 1st metacarpal shaft, a rare entity.
J Peoples Uni Med Health Sci May ;10(1):68-71.

Thumb carpo-metacarpal joint dislocation along with fracture first metacarpal bone is very rare entity. Very few cases can be seen in literature. We are reporting a dorsal dislocation of CMC joint thumb along with fracture shaft of 1st metacarpal shaft in 43 years old male patient. He presented and admitted in our hospital one week after injury. Immediately after trauma our patient was treated in some peripheral hospital but his pain was not settled so he presented to our hospital Emergency Department. We did close reduction fracture 1st metacarpal and dislocation thumb CMC joint was reduced and both were fixed with 1.4 mm multiple k wires. Postoperative course was uneventful and patient has full recovery after treatment. In English literature we could found only few reported cases like our case.

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