Irfan Ullah, Muhammad Majid Paracha, Hina Zahoor, Dawood Khan.
Efficacy and safety of cross technique with 100% TCA and dermaroller technique in the treatment of post acne scars.
J Med Sci May ;28(1):68-71.

Objectives:To compare the effectiveness and safety of Dermaroller with TCA CROSS technique for the management of post acne scars.Material and methods:This comparative study was conducted in Dermatology unit, Lady Reading Hospital Peshawar, Paki-stan from April 2019 to December 2019. A total of 98 patients with post acne scars fulfilling the inclusion criteria were includ-ed in the study and were divided into two groups with 49 patients in each. Informed consent was taken. Patients of group 1 underwent four session of Dermaroller therapy while patients of group 2 were treated with 100% CROSS TCA with each session four weeks apart.Results:A total of 98 patients were included in the study. Mean age was 29.55 year +-5.0 SD. There were 30 (30.6%) male and 68 (69.4%) female patients. Forty two (42.9%) patients had ice pick scars, 38(38.8%) had box scar and 18(18.4%) patients had rolling type of acne scars. Efficacy of treatment in Group 1 was excellent in 15(30.6%) patients, 18 (36.7%) patients showed good response, 9(18.3%) patients showed fair and 7 (14.28%) patients showed poor response. While in group 2, 15(30.6%) patients showed excellent response, 16(32.65%) patients showed good, 13(26.5%) patients showed fair and 5(10.2%) patients showed poor response to treatment. There was no statistically significant difference found in the efficacy of treatment in both groups (p-value of 0.758).Conclusion:Both the techniques i.e CROSS TCA and Dermaroller are effective and comparable in the treatment of post acne scars.

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