Nighat Mirza, Sadia Ikhlaque Sheikh, Miraj Rahim, Arif Ali, Noorul Sahar Khan, Zainab Bibi.
Frequency and socio demographic determinants of depression among adult women.
J Med Sci May ;28(1):10-5.

Objective: To determine the frequency and socio demographic determinants of depression among adult women. Materials and Methods: Cross sectional study through purposive sampling was conducted after approval from institutional review board from April 2018 to September 2018 on calculated sample size of n=132 adult women, aged 18 -60 years from Public and private sector hospital and residents of steel town, Karachi, Pakistan. Sample size was calculated by open ended software. Questionnaire consists of demographic variables information and Beck Depression Inventory Scale (BDI). Cut-off scores for BDI are: 0-9, indicates minimal, 10-18: mild 19-29: moderate and 30-63 for severe depression. SPSS Version 20. Mean, standard deviation, frequency, percentage, Chi square test and multiple logistic regressions were applied for statistical analysis. Result: Mean age was 33+-10.66. Mild depression was (22.7%), moderate(15.9%), and severe depression was (5.3%), Nor-mal or exhibited with some up and down mood disorders were (56.1) %. Significant association of depression was noted with education, domestic abuse, duration of domestic work and domestic workload, and sleep/ rest hours. Conclusion: Higher frequency of depression seen among Pakistani women especially where several socio demographic risk factors are involved. Multiple roles and responsibilities make them more pressurized and frustrated.

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