Batool Zara, Eruj Shuja, Nasar-um Min Allah, Muddasar Pervez, Omer Siddiqui, Sohaib Siddique.
Needlestick Injuries among Dental Professionals in Dental Colleges of Rawalpindi, Pakistan.
J Bahria Uni Med Dental Coll Jan ;10(3):181-7.

Objective: This study aimed to assess the knowledge and practices of Needlestick Injuries (NSIs) among dental professionals in various dental hospitals of Rawalpindi. Study Design and Setting: It was a cross-sectional observational study conducted in four different dental colleges of Rawalpindi from January 2019 to March 2019. Methodology: By using convenient sampling technique, a total of 252 dental professionals were approached for the data collection through a structured, pretested, self-designed questionnaire. SPSS version 23 was used for data analysis. P-value <= 0.05 was considered as statistically significant. Results: Among 252 participants; 36 (14.3%) were dental assistants, 158 (62.7%) were dentists, 38 (15.1%) were postgraduate trainees (PGTs) and 20 (7.9%) were consultant dentists. The mean age +- SD of participants was 26.9 +- 5.41. There were 92 (36.5%) male and 160 (63.5%) female participants. Mean knowledge score was best for consultant dentists (85.83 +- 15.74) followed by PGTs (80.70 +- 14.71) and dentists (76.58 +- 15.39) whereas it is lower for dental assistants (65.28 +- 11.87), p = 0.002. Practice response has shown that 22 (16%) of the dental assistants have never been vaccinated for Hepatitis B whereas most of the dental assistants have never reported the incident of NSIs to the concerned authorities. Conclusion: NSIs continue to be a serious occupational hazard in the field of Dentistry. This study concluded that despite the mean knowledge score was highest among consultant dentists, the dental assistants and dentists have lower overall knowledge and practice indicates a need to continuing education on safe injection techniques along with the hands-on programme to prevent NSIs in hospitals.

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