Rashida Hafiz, Muhammad Ali, Mansoor Ahmad.
Fibroid as a causative factor in menorrhagia and its management.
Pak J Med Res May ;42(3):90-6.

This study was conducted to establish the incidence of fibroid in patients presenting with heavy menses. Patients presenting to us in Gynaecology unit-III, Nishtar Hospital, Multan from January 1998 to December 1998 with the complaints of heavy menstrual loss were included in the study. Ninety three patients were presented with menorrhagia and out of these menorrhagia fibroid was found in 51 (54.83%). Out of 51 patients, 39.22% patients had parity between 1-3, 35.29% between 3-5, 13.73% patients were nulliparous and 11.76% had 5 or more children. 78.43% patients belonged to poor socio-economic class (income Rs.1000 per month) and 21-56% belonged to middle class (income Rs.3000 per month). All the patients had previous history of normal menstrual cycle (2-5/28 days). In 35.29% patients, days of menstruation had increased, in 47.06% amount of blood loss had increased. This study shows that menorrhagia is quite a common problem affecting large number of females and is a common cause for presentation to both the general practitioners and the gynaecological outpatient clinic.

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