Muhammad Zafar Ullah, Tehseen Sahi, Ashraf Ali Tayyab.
Merselene mesh use as a frontalis sling in ptosis surgery.
Pak J Med Res May ;42(3):126-8.

Introduction: Fifteen patients of congenital ptosis were operated upon. Male (6 cases) to female (9 cases) ratio was 2:3. Most of the patients (80%) were having ages between 11 to 30 years. Amount of ptosis varied from 4 mm to 6 mm). All the cases were having poor levator functions and intact bell’s phenomenon. Objectives: The idea to use merselene mesh was to find an effective, durable, simple, easily available material having less complications. Methodology: The merselene mesh was used as brow suspension in the form of double rhomboids. Results: Most of the cases (80%) were operated under local anaesthesia. Twelve (80%) had good results i.e. within 1 mm of normal and 3 had fair results i.e. they were 2 mm under corrected. Conclusion: The method proved to be simple, inexpensive, effective and had less complications. No recurrence was noted after two years follow up.

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