Sidrah Riaz, Muhammad Tariq Khan, Khalid Mehmood, Qasim Lateef Chaudary, Zaheer-ud Din Aqil Qazi, Muhammad Rashad Qamar Rao.
Incidence and Characteristics of Ocular Trauma with Intraocular Foreign Bodies in a Tertiary Care Eye Hospital in Lahore, Pakistan.
Al-Shifa J Ophthalmol Jan ;15(2):29-33.

The study was conducted at LRBT eye and cancer hospital, Lahore. During one-year study period, 129 patients with ocular trauma with foreign bodies presenting in outpatient department (OPD) were included in study. Mean age of patients was 24.71+-11.6 years and age range was 4 years to 62 years. The incidence of ocular trauma with foreign bodies in different age groups, size of IOFB and frequency of various surgical procedures performed to remove IOFB is reported.

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