Unaiza Niaz, Sehar Hassan, Haider Hussain, Sofia Saeed.
Attitudes towards Psychiatry in pre-clinical and post-clinical clerkships in different medical colleges of Karachi.
Pak J Med Sci Jan ;19(4):253-63.

Objective: A survey of three medical colleges` pre-clinical and post-clinical clerkship students` attitudes towards Psychiatry and their actual decision in choosing Psychiatry as a career. Design: An instrument comprising of 15 items checks the perceptions of students about psychiatry and choosing Psychiatry as a career was developed and administered upon the students of three medical schools of Karachi. Results: Nearly more than 60% students hold positive views about Psychiatry. About 32% students believed psychiatrist are not so well-respected and 42% believe they earn less money than other specialists. 54% students were reluctant to choose Psychiatry as a career. The students of post-clinical groups hold more positive view about Psychiatry than pre-clinical groups. Differences were also observed among the responses of students belonging to different medical schools. Conclusion: Overall the students of all medical colleges showed positive perception about Psychiatry as a subject. However, they were reluctant to choose Psychiatry as a career. The possible factor for this reluctance is disorganised or lack of proper undergraduate teaching of psychiatry in medical colleges and the concept that psychiatrist earn less money and are less respected as compared to other specialists.

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