Abdul Khaliq, Zarish Daniel, Naima Javed.
Rhinoplasty, a Powerful Tool to Boost patient\'s Self-Confidence.
Annals Punjab Med Coll Jun ;14(2):149-52.

Objective: To determine the Rhinoplasty as a powerful tool to boost patient’s self-confidence. Study Design: Prospective study. Settings: Islamabad cosmetic surgery and department of plastic surgery PIMS Islamabad Pakistan. Duration: From October 2019 March 2020. Methodology: All the patients underwent rhinoplasty having age 18 to 50 years and wither of gender were included. Rhinoplasty outcomes Evaluation (ROE) questioner containing (6 questions, was used to assess improvement of patient’s self-confidence. All the data was recorded by study proforma. Data was analyzed by using SPSS version 20. Results: Total 51 patients were assessed; their mean age was 28.54+6.65 years. Male were 27(52.9%) and females were 24(47.1%). After 3 months postoperatively patients were assessed, according to (ROE) questioner. Almost all the patients were completely agree with the appearance their nose, they can completely breath and feeling very much and completely their friends and loved ones like their nose. All the patients were confident regarding their nasal appearance as it is the best that it can be and refused, when they were asked regarding that they want to alter appearance or function of their nose surgically. Conclusion: Rhinoplasty is the best tool to boost patient’s self-confidence having nose common deformities. Almost all the participants were satisfied, good feeling and confident after surgery.

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