Khalid Mahmood, Zahid Mahmood Nagra, Muhammad Bilal Khalid.
Manual Separation of Labial Adhesion in Pediatric Female patients: a Five-year Experience.
Annals Punjab Med Coll Jan ;14(2):119-21.

Background: Sinequia vulvae or fusion of labia minora is a benign condition in female babies. It is thin fusion of labia minora. The fusion may be due to chronic irritation of the vulva and poor hygiene. It results in bacterial infection, dysuria, post void dripping, urinary tract infection (UTI) and urinary tract obstruction.  Different treatment options are available for this condition. Manual separation is the treatment of choice in our set up. Objective: To study the results of manual separation of labial adhesion under local or general anesthesia (GA), with two months follow up. Study Design: Observational study. Settings: Department of Paediatric Surgery, Allied Hospital, Faisalabad Medical University Faisalabad. Duration: July 2014 to June 2019. Methodology: All female neonates and infants presenting with labial fusion without other anomalies were included in this study. Cases with other associated anomalies such as anorectal anomalies were excluded from this study. Informed consent was obtained from their parents. Results: There were 273 cases with age ranging from 04 weeks to 5 year. All were female babies. Separation of adhesions was performed with 1st follow up after 1 month. Twenty-six (9.52%) patients were lost during follow up period. There were 223(91.20%) patients had dissolved adhesions after 1st follow up. Twenty-four (8.79%) patients had recurrence and were re-operated. The success rate was 100% after 2nd follow up after one month. Conclusion: Manual separation of labial adhesion is a procedure of choice in our society.

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