Huma Asim, Hasan Bokhari, Asim Shaukat, Amna Rehan, Abdul Rauf, Zafar Ali Chaudhry.
Psychological Impact of COVID-19 - a Systematic Review.
Pak J Radiol Jun ;30(4):282-5.

A raging pandemic prompted the world to take extreme measures in the form of lockdowns, travel bans and ending day to day economic and social activity. This in turn led to the rise of severe psychological distress among the population. We searched the literature to determine the rise in anxiety and depression and to determine its various causes. A cumulative score of anxiety during the pandemic was calculated as 26.91% while for depression it was calculated as 18.19%. A drop in economy, isolation from family, family members affected by the disease were some of the most frequently observed culprits although further categorical research is needed for this.

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