Mehwish Ilyas, Sardar Muhammad Alfareed Zafar, Maryam Javed, Muhammad Azeem Mughal.
Association of Hypovitaminosis D with Hypertensive Disorder of Pregnancy.
Annals Punjab Med Coll Jan ;14(3):241-4.

Background: Pregnancy related hypertensive disorders have devastating outcome of pregnancy and cause many obstetrical complications during or after pregnancy. Hypovitaminosis D has been observed in many pregnant females having pregnancy induced hypertension. Study Design: Case control study. Settings: Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology, Lahore General Hospital, Lahore-Pakistan. Duration: 3 months from January 01, to March 30, 2019. Methodology: This Case control study was conducted at Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, for 6 months. Sample size of 100 patients were enrolled in the study through Non-Probability, Consecutive Sampling. Patients of age 18-40years, presented >24 weeks of pregnancy were included Then blood sample was taken and vitamin D level was noted. If level <20ng/ml, then hypovitaminosis D was labeled. Odds ratio was calculated and if OR>1, then significant association was considered. Results: The mean age of cases was 26.08±4.29years and mean age of controls was 29.84±2.96years. The mean gestational age of cases was 32.58±9.63weeks and controls presented at 36.71±10.11weeks. Mean serum vitamin D level was 24.9±7.72ng/ml among cases while 39.07±11.14ng/ml among controls. The difference was significant (p<0.0001). The hypovitaminosis D was observed in 43 (86%) cases while in 10 (20%) controls. The odds ratio was calculated as 24.57 (5% CI: 8.534 – 70.745, p<0.0001), which showed significant association of hypovitaminosis D with hypertensive disorder of pregnancy. Conclusion: There is significant association of hypovitaminosis D detected with preeclampsia or pregnancy induced hypertension in our study.

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