Zubair Ali, Kattahodzhaeva M Kh, Rakhimova L Sh, Muhammad Daniyal.
Study of Clinical Efficiency and Safety of Femion Capsule in Females with Pyschosexual Disorders.
RADS J Pharm Pharmaceut Sci Jan ;4(1):146-55.

Introduction: Human sexuality is generally described as the sum total of manner through which people experience and articulate their sexual sensations. Female sexual dysfunction (FSD) is a continuum of psychosexual disorders centered on sexual desire with interrelated problems of arousal, orgasm and sexual pain that impairs quality of life for many women. Female sexual dysfunctions (FSDs) range from short-term aggravations to major emotional disturbances adversely affecting family and workplace. This research article is focus on the herbal treatment of psychosexual disorders of females. Objective: The purpose of this study is to find out the herbal treatment of the psychosexual disorders of females. Method: The duration of the study is 1 year, from July 2013 to June 2014. Total 40 patients randomly collected and divided into 2 groups. One is control group (CG) which received traditional therapy and one is Main group (MG) which received study drug Femion capsule for the 60 days. Patient were collected using female sexual function index (FSFI) and seeing inclusion and exclusion criteria. Results Efficacy: High efficacy 4 point: 86.6%, Moderate efficacy 3 points: 12.4%, low efficacy 2 points: 1.0% women. Tolerance: No side effects and adverse clinical events caused by the administered medicinal product were observed at patients during clinical study and data analysis Conclusion: Female sexual dysfunction in women is reputed to be intractable and difficult to treat. This view has changed. Sexual health does matter. Both psychological and physical factors are predisposing for sexual difficulties. To optimize psychosexual comfort the use of this Femion capsule seems to be very effective and safe.

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