Syed Dil Bagh Alishah, Samir Khan Kabir, Sikander Hayat, Muhammad Ayaz Khan, Wajid Akhtar.
Knee arthroscopic procedures and complications at a tertiary care hospital.
J Med Sci Jun ;28(2):149-53.

Objective: To determine the effectiveness of knee arthroscopic surgical procedures Material and Methods: It is an observational prospective study conducted on 135 patients with torn anterior cruciate ligament and menisci who underwent arthroscopic partial meniscectomy and /or reconstruction of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) at orthopedic department of Khyber teaching hospital Peshawar from November 2017 to June 2019. Patients demographics recorded. Pre-op and post-operative assessment done and results recorded. Results: A total of 135 patients underwent knee arthroscopy. Out of this 72 (53%) patients had partially torn meniscus only, 8(7%) patients had combine meniscal tear along with ACL tear while 47(39%) patients had isolated ACL tear only. So, in total 80 patients underwent partial meniscectomy while, 55 patients underwent ACL reconstruction. So for description purpose we can divide all the patients into two groups, Group A: Arthroscopic ACL reconstruction Group B: Arthroscopic partial meniscectomy group. In Group A there were 54(98%) male and only 01(02%) female while Group B comprised of 77 male and 03 female patients. Mean age of both groups was comparable. Right side was mainly involved in ACL reconstruction group while left side in partial meniscectomy group. Sports injury was the principal underlying reason in the patients undergoing for partial meniscectomy while sports and road traffic accident (RTA) were equally responsible for the patient group underwent ACL reconstruction surgery. Similarly, in group A where patients underwent arthroscopic ACL reconstruction 91% became asymptomatic while, in group B where patients underwent arthroscopic partial meniscectomy about 94% turned out to be symptom free in comparison to preoperative status. There were intra-operative as well as post-operative complications. Among the earlier category, instrument breakage, technical faults in the arthroscopic machine, graft cut out and problem with fixation of tibial end of graft in ACL reconstruction were notorious. Postoperatively, knee joint infection, stiffness and pain were significant. Conclusion: Knee arthroscopy is an effective and reproducible technique with decent and efficient outcome.

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