Umna Rehman, Saira Khalid, Anees Ahmed Khalil, Hamna Ahmad, Aiman Hayat.
Demographic characterization of females suffering from gestational diabetes mellitus visiting Public Hospitals, Lahore.
Asian J Allied Health Sci Jan ;4(4):51-6.

The rate of gestational diabetes mellitus has increased globally and in Pakistan too from 3% to 14% within last decade. OBJECTIVE: To assess the demographic characterization of females suffering from gestational diabetes mellitus visiting public hospitals in Lahore METHODS: A cross-sectional study was carried out at gynae department of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital and Services Institute of Medical Sciences, Lahore and completed within 4 months using the convenient sampling technique. The data of 100 patients were collected through pre-tested questionnaire. Data were analyzed statistically using SPSS version 21.0. Frequencies were calculated, Pearson's chi-square test was applied. RESULTS: Out of 100 patients included in this study, 46% were overweight and 28% were lying in obesity grade 1 according to body mass index scale. 83% were not doing any daily physical activity. 89% were consuming sugar daily. Analysis revealed a significant association between socioeconomic status and daily checkup. CONCLUSIONS: Lack of daily physical activity, overweight and obesity, socioeconomic status and avoidance from daily checkup and daily unhealthy dietary consumption were the consequences of daily chores among females suffering from GDM. KEYWORDS: Consequences, daily chores, gestational diabetes mellitus

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