Shabbir H Chaudhry, Umar Farooq, Akhtar Mehboob, Naveed Iqbal, Atiqa Javaid, Sehar Fatima.
Frequency of detection of carcinoma of prostate by trus guided core biopsy in patients with psa level of 4 to 10 ng/ml: a comparison of eight verses fourteen core biopsies.
Professional Med J Jan ;28(02):260-6.

Objective: To compare the frequency of detection of prostatic carcinoma in patients with prostatic specific antigen level of 4 to 10ng/ml by TRUS guided eight versus fourteen core biopsies in a tertiary care hospital. Study Design: Interventional Comparative study (Randomized Control Trial). Setting: Department of Urology, Jinnah Hospital, and Lahore. Period: January, 2014 to February, 2019. Material & Methods: 340 patients included in the study, according to inclusion criteria, were divided in two groups of 170 patients each. Eight core biopsies were taken in one group and 14 core biopsies were taken in other group by single radiologist to diagnose carcinoma of prostate. Prostatic carcinoma was labeled when pathologist find atypical cells or anaplasia in the biopsy tissues under microscope. Results: Carcinoma of prostate was detected in 123 (36%) patients while rest 217 (64%) showed negative result on histopathology examination. Age of patients in both groups ranged from 40 to 62 years with mean 49.32+5.464 years. The CoP was detected in 55 out of 179 patients younger than 50 years and 68 out of 161 patients older than 50 years. Amongst the 123 patients having been detected CoP, 82 (67%) patients has PSA values ranging 6 to 10 ng/ml while just 41 (33%) has value of 4 to 5 ng/ml. The frequency of detection of CoP among patients having PSA values ranging from 4 to 10ng/ml. by TRUS guided eight core biopsy and fourteen core biopsy group is 17.35% and 18.82% respectively. Conclusion: There is no difference in the frequency of detection of CoP by TRUS guided fourteen core biopsy and eight core biopsy techniques.

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