Nathumal Maheshwari, Nadeem Noor, Adnan Bashir, Bilawal Hingorjo, Arshad Ali, Urooj Tabassum.
Serum calcium level in neonatal seizures presenting at a tertiary care hospital.
Professional Med J Jan ;28(02):181-6.

Objectives: The present study was conducted to detect serum calcium level in neonatal seizures presenting at a Tertiary Care Hospital. Study Design: Case control study. Setting: Department of Paediatrics, Shaheed Muhtrama Benazir Bhutto Medical. College Layari General Hospital, Karachi, Sindh. Period: June 2017 to January 2018. Material & Methods: The sample comprised of 100 cases and 100 controls that were selected through non- probability purposive sampling through inclusion and exclusion criteria. Sera were separated through centrifugation of blood for measuring the serum calcium levels. Data was analyzed on SPSS software (SPSS ver 22.0, IBM, Incorporation, USA) at 95% confidence interval (P<=0.05). Results: Of 100 cases and 100 controls, the male and female were noted as 61 vs. 57 and 39 vs. 43 respectively (P > 0.05). In cases, the mean +- SD Ca++ was noted as 4.17+-1.58 mg/dl while in control it was noted as 8.15+- 1.05 mg/dl. Ca++ levels as low as 3.07 mg/dl were noted in the neonatal seizure cases. Normocalcaemia was noted in 81 controls vs. 11 cases and hypocalcaemia in 18 controls vs. 89 cases. Conclusion: The present study reports hypocalcemia is common in neonatal seizures. Pediatricians must evaluate for timely correction of serum calcium to prevent long term neurological sequelies.

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