Hina Khan, Bushra Zulfiqar, Asif Mashood Qazi, Saleem Raza Khuhawar, Khalique-ur Rehman, Devi Kumari.
Pros and cons of online course from medical student\'s standpoint.
Professional Med J Jan ;28(03):387-91.

Objective: To evaluate the pros and cons of an online course from medical students` standpoint. Study Design: Cross Sectional study. Setting: At Al-Tibri Medical College and Hospital. Period: January 2020 to May 2020. Material & Methods: After taking ethical approval, 200 students were equally divided into basic medical sciences and clinical sciences based on convenient sampling. The participants, after taken verbal consent, filled a self-designed questionnaire. The data were analyzed through SPSS version 21.0 and presented in the form of frequency and percentage. The Chi-square test was applied, and the level of significance was taken P=<0.05. Results: Both medical and clinical medical science students were well-motivated in learning online through online courses. However, the lack of internet facility, poor IT skills, and improper facilitation by the faculty hindered their progress towards achieving good online education. Conclusion: Improvement in the way online courses are delivered and taught by the faculty is crucial in increasing student motivation towards online learning, but issues such as poor IT skills and lack of internet facility must be addressed to provide an equal form of e-learning for students.

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