Fatima Ali, Ajmal Yousaf, Muzammil Jamil Ahmed Rana, Mohib Ullah, Syed Muzammil Hussain, Faisal Bhangar.
Comparison of pain perception with insulin syringe and dental infiltration syringe during local palatal infiltration anesthesia.
Pak Oral Dental J Jan ;40(4):244-7.

Local anesthesia is generally required in dentistry for many procedures. The palatal injection is considered to be quite distressful for the patient causing fear. This fear is an important factor which often leads to dental anxiety and patients avoiding dental treatment, requiring an alternative method which is both convenient and effective. Insulin syringes are considered to be quite comfortable for patients. The current study is designed to compare the pain response associated with palatal anesthesia using a conventional dental syringe with an infiltration needle and an insulin syringe. The study showed that with insulin syringe, only 16.28% of patients experienced severe painful response on VAS scores between 8-10 while in group B, 27.9% of patients showed a severe painful response. The results were significant with p value less than 0.05 and concluded that the insulin syringe does offer a comparatively less painful experience for the patient when compared with the dental infiltration syringe during local palatal infiltration.

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