Shakila Mushtaq, Rizwana Kamran, Faiqua Yasser, Mahwash Jahangir Khan.
Perception of 3rd year BDS students about learning clinical skills through video clip.
Pak Oral Dental J Jan ;40(4):233-5.

Dentistry requires perfection in lots of clinical procedures to be mastered by all BDS students. The objective was the study to evaluate the effectiveness of video clips to help students in learning clinical skills and retention of delivered content. A study was undertaken among 50 dental students of 3rd year BDS. In first step, a one-hour lecture was given on how to perform scaling on patients. Then a video clip of scaling procedure was shown to them. Then out of 50 students, 10 students were randomly selected and they were asked to write down their comments in response to that video clip. After getting the student`s views, themes were generated by using Nvivo software. By using these themes, a survey questionnaire was designed and distributed among the 50 students (3rd year BDS class). 10 students delivered their comments and 50 students responded by providing their feedback through filling-in of questionnaire and the decision was that the majority of the students agreed with the notion that the use of video clips helped them learn clinical skills.

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