Oam Prakash, Arfa Baig, Syeda Noureen Iqbal, Bushra Ghani, Sara Fatima, Hira Musharraf.
Frequency of cervical spine injuries in maxillofacial trauma.
Pak Oral Dental J Jan ;40(4):221-4.

Maxillofacial injuries constitute a substantial proportion of cases of cervical spine injuries. Early identification of cervical fractures in patients with maxillofacial trauma is very important because delay in the diagnosis of cervical injuries can cause severe neurological problems, paralysis, and even death. The main aim of this research was to determine the frequency of cervical spinal injuries in oral and maxillofacial trauma patients. This was a cross-sectional study conducted at Oral and maxillofacial surgery Ward Civil Hospital, Karachi from august 2012 to january 2013.A total of 356 patients with maxillofacial trauma were admitted to oral surgery department for treatment. All patients were assessed for cervical spine injuries through lateral and anteroposterior X-rays images and CT scans. A structured questionnaire was used to collect information about dependent and independent variables. Ten( 2.8%) patients suffered injuries to the maxillofacial and cervical spine. Out of ten C-spine injury cases, 8 were males and 2 were females. The male to female ratio was 4:1. Despite the low incidence of cervical spine injuries associated with maxillofacial fractures, proper and clear guiding principles should be set for the assessment and management of these cervical spine injuries to prevent longterm disabilities and decease.

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