Sara Zafar, Sohaib Hassan, Ehsan Haider, Hraf Jahangeer S M Ashraf, Isham Jawaid, Farhan Ali.
Patients\' preference regarding facial appearance, gender and attire of orthodontists.
Pak Oral Dental J Jan ;40(4):214-20.

We investigated whether the facial appearance, gender and attire have an influence on the choice of orthodontist. Using a questionnaire regarding 4 orthodontists and 3 types of attire and facial appearance was judged by 450 participants from different age groups. The chi-square test was applied preferences by the participants. Male orthodontist with facial hair was preferred by 72.4%. Female orthodontist was preferred by 73.6%. White coat attire was preferred by 48.2% over tie with coat and t-shirt. Female orthodontist with scarf was preferred by 56%. It was concluded that the facial appearance, gender and attire of the orthodontist does influence the choice of participants for their treatment.

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