Hira Naeem, Attiya Inam, Farooq Sher.
Trait gratitude as predictor of psychological well-being among late adolescents in Lahore.
Rawal Med J Jan ;46(1):155-8.

Objective: To investigate the levels of various dimensions of trait gratitude and psychological well-being (PWB) among late adolescents; the correlation between dimensions of trait gratitude and PWB and predictive power of gratitude with PWB after controlling demographic characteristics. Methodology: Probability random sampling was used to collect cross-sectional data from 378 late adolescents (18-20 years old) enrolled from various educational institutes of Lahore, Pakistan. Results: Majority of late adolescents (82%; 93.9%) reported moderate levels of trait gratitude and PWB, respectively. Significant relationship among variables was also found (r= .469). Trait gratitude explained additional 28.6% of the variance in PWB, after controlling age and gender (?R2=0.286). Conclusion: Individuals` mental health is related to gratitude, making it an essential trait among individual especially in adolescence.

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