Maimoona Siddiq, Junaid Shakeel, Bushra Naeem Khan, Syed Zuhair Mehdi, Shoaib Hameed, Farooq Ahmad Chaudhary.
Root morphology of maxillary 1st premolar teeth in orthodontic extraction cases presenting in a tertiary care hospital: Taxilla Cantt..
Professional Med J Jan ;28(7):1013-7.

Objective: To observe pattern and variation of root morphology of maxillary 1st premolar teeth in orthodontic extraction cases among local population. Study Design: Prospective Observational study. Setting: Dental College-HITEC Institute of Medical Sciences-Taxilla Cantt. Period: 1st January 2017 to 31st December 2019. Material & Methods: A total of 120 patients and 320 maxillary 1st premolars were studied clinically for gross root morphology after orthodontic tooth extraction, variation of gross root morphology was studied among extracted teeth, frequency distribution was observed on basis of gender and both quadrants in each patient, a critical analysis is also made about variation of root morphology among various populations across the world. Result: Out of 160 patients, 49 were males and 111 were females. 151 patients had bilateral similar root morphology, out of 320 clinically examined teeth 206 had two roots, and 123 teeth had fused root morphology, 83 teeth had two bifurcated (separate) roots while 114 teeth were single rooted. Conclusion: Maxillary 1st premolar is unique in terms of wide variation in root morphology which is evident among various population studies. Two roots with fused root morphology is most prevalent in Pakistani population.

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