Tauqeer Shaikh, Hamid Ali Kalwar, Ghulam Mujtaba, Adeel Rahat, Kamaran Ali, Muhammad Babar.
Prevalence of hyponetremia in cirrhotic patients with encephalopathy..
Professional Med J Jan ;28(09):1308-14.

Objective: To Determine the frequency of hyponatremia in cirrhotic patients with encephalopathy. Study Design: Cross Sectional Study. Setting: Department of Gastroenterology Liaquat National Hospital Karachi. Period: 6 Dec 2017 to 6 June 2018. Material & Methods: All those fulfilling the inclusion criteria and admitted in the Gastroenterology department of Liaquat National Hospital Karachi were taken in the study after their ethical approval alongside an informed and written consent. Brief history was taken, clinical examination was done, and serum sodium level was delivered to the institutional laboratory to reach the outcome i-e hyponatremia. Results: - A number of 369 patients having encephalopathy were taken into study. 207 patients (56.1%) were males and 162 patients (43.9%) were females with an average age of 50.03+10.333 years. Hyponatremia was seen in 138 patients (37.4%). Conclusion: Dilutional hyponatremia is a common finding in liver cirrhosis patients with encephalopathy leading to neurological impairment, hepatorenal syndrome, osteoporosis and high mortality. Therefore, early management of hyponatremia is key to prevent liver cirrhosis related complications.

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