Huma Jadoon, Nasir Farooq, Noor Ahmad Khan, Muhammad Saleem, H. M. Ryas.
Community Participation in Primary Health Care.
J Ayub Med Coll Abottabad Jan ;12(4):33-6.

Community Involvement/participation is the task of mobilization, putting in motion a widespread process of collective organization and involvement, which leads to increased human and material resource at the local level being channeled in to development efforts. Community Involvement / participation has been adopted as a central principle in primary health care. Its recent historical roots lie in the theory and practice of community development., an approach strongly advocated by the UN during the 1970s. However, communities have been making decisions concerning their health in many cultures and over many years, and PHC is only the most recent example of this ongoing local level involvement in health and health care. The concept of Community Involvement/ participation in health has, therefore, been enthusiastically welcomed as the fundamental change in direction required to promote effective health development. Community Involvement/ participation in health has become a massage of widespread influence. In theory, at least, health authorities have given their support to Community Involvement/ participation in health as a basic principle to be followed in health development.

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