Nadeem Yaqoob, Abdul Qudoos Arain, Mufakhara Fatimah, Samina Kausar, Sadia Chiragh.
Effects of Dried Aloe Vera Gel and Diclofenac on Sodium and Potassium Homeostasis: an Experimental study on Hypertensive Rats.
J Islamabad Med Dent Coll Jan ;10(3):133-9.

Background: Anti-inflammatory role of Aloe vera gel is well established. Diclofenac is extensively used for acute and chronic inflammation. The present study was conducted to compare dried Aloe vera gel and diclofenac effects on sodium and potassium balance in hypertensive rats. Material and Methods: This experimental study was conducted at Sargodha Medical College from May to November 2016. Twenty-four healthy male Sprague Dawley rats 7-8 weeks of age were included in study. Any unhealthy-looking rat was excluded from the study. Rats were equally and randomly divided into four groups Normal control (group A), Model control (group B), Aloe vera (group C) & Diclofenac (group D). Hypertension was induced by a 20 % sucrose diet in all groups except group A in 8 weeks’ time. Group B, C & D received distilled water and Aloe vera dried gel 400 mg/kg & diclofenac powder 12 mg/kg body weight respectively orally between 8 to 10 weeks. Serum and urine analysis was performed for hematocrit, sodium, and potassium concentrations at zero, eight and ten weeks. Twenty-four-hour urinary sodium excretion was calculated. Data was analyzed using Graph Pad Prism version 6. Result: After 2-week administration of aloe vera and diclofenac powder, serum potassium significantly decreased in Group C (p <0.001) while increased in Group B and D (p <0.001) as compared to group A. Urinary sodium concentration and excretion increased significantly in Group C (p <0.01) as compared to Group A whereas result of Group D was insignificant. No significant change in serum sodium and hematocrit of any group was observed. Conclusion: Aloe vera causes less sodium retention than diclofenac but decreases serum potassium contrary to the effect of diclofenac in hypertensive rats.

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