Syed Yasir Ali Abidi, Adnan Babar, Kaleem Ullah Niazi, Ali Akhtar Khan, Atiqa Maryam, Nazish Rasheed.
Correlation of impacted mandibular third molar with incidence of ipsilateral angle and condylar fractures in mandibular trauma.
Pak Armed Forces Med J Jan ;70(6):1686-90.

Objective: This study aims to evaluate association of impacted lower third molars with incidence of ipsilateral mandibular angle and condylar fractures. Study design: Observational study. Place of study: Maxillofacial Surgery Department Armed Forces Institute of Dentistry Materials and methods: Patients reporting to armed forces institute of dentistry maxillofacial surgery department OPD were diagnosed on the basis of history, clinical signs and symptoms and radiological examinations were categorized as Mandibular Angle and Condylar fractures and impacted lower third molars. A total number of 234 radiographs of patients were examined. Duration of study: 01 year from 01 January 2019 to 31st December 2019. Results: Out of total sample size of 234 patients, 70% (79 patients) Mandibular angle fractures occurred with patients with impacted lower third molars (112 patients) and 65% (80 patients) mandibular condylar fractures occurred with patients without impacted lower third molars (122 patients). Statistically significant P-value was 0.000 that is <0.05 that signifies positive correlation of impacted mandibular third molars to cause ipsilateral mandibular angle fractures and indirectly preventing condylar fractures. Conclusion: Patients that do not have impacted lower third molars are more prone to suffer Condylar fractures in case of mandibular trauma which is associated with more postoperative risks and morbidity as compared to mandibular angle fractures that occur more commonly in patients with impacted lower third molars. As mandibular fractures are common, practice for prophylactic removal of lower third molars should be discontinued. Keywords: Mandibular Condylar fracture, Mandibular Angle fracture, Impacted mandibular third molars

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