Feriha Fatima Khidri, Hina Riaz, Faiza Kamran Ali.
J Islamabad Med Dent Coll Jan ;10(4):239-41.

Iniencephaly is an uncommon form of neural tube defects which is characterized by retroflexion of the head and absence of neck as a consequence of defective closure of the vertebral body and arch. Multiple identified risk factors for its causation include environmental, genetic and drugs.  We report a case of 38-year-old woman with prior history of still birth and abortions who presented at 35 weeks of gestation with lower abdominal pain and high blood pressure. Mother had consanguineous marriage. Her hypothyroidism was untreated in the first and second trimester. She delivered an iniencephalic baby girl via emergency c-section with multiple malformations at 38 weeks gestation secondary to fetal cardiac deceleration. Baby survived for less than 18 hours. In this case, proper antenatal care and follow up visits were needed along with postnatal genetic and pathological evaluation including assessment of risk factors. Appropriate management is important to prevent complications and recurrence in subsequent pregnancies.   

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