Shumail Saeed Siddiqui, Shagufta Memon, Shumaila Shaikh, Umair Ali Soomro, Sadia Tabassum, Kashif Rasheed Shaikh, Haji Khan Khoharo.
Association of serum uric acid with systemic blood pressure - a Cross Sectional study.
Professional Med J Jan ;29(01):88-93.

Objective: To determine association of Serum Uric Acid levels (SUA) in subjects suffering Systemic Blood Pressure and to determine its association with systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Study Design: Cross Sectional Study. Setting: Department of Faculty of Medicine and Allied Medical Sciences, Isra University, Hyderabad, Sindh, Pakistan. Period: January 2018 to September 2019. Material & Methods: 150 diagnosed cases of systemic hypertension and 150 controls were selected though non-probability purposive sampling according to inclusion and exclusion criteria. 2 ml venous blood was taken, centrifuged and sera were used for uric acid. Data was saved in a pre- structured Performa. Statistical software (SPSS v 21.0, IBM, Incorporation, USA) of data variables was analyzed at 95% CI (P <= 0.05). Results: Serum uric acid in controls was 2.93+-0.72 compared to cases 4.25+-1.44 mg/dl (P=0.0001). Hyperuricemia was observed in 58 (38.6%) cases compared to 23 (15.3%) controls. Uric acid shows strong positive association with Systolic BP (r= 0.52*, p=0.0001) and Diastolic BP (r= 0.46**, p=0.0001). Conclusion: We found hyperuricemia in 58 (38.6%) of systemic hypertension cases. Systolic and Diastolic Blood pressure show positive association with uric acid.

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