Taimoor Hassan, Sana Saeed, Muhammad Sikander Ghayas Khan, Ghulam Mustafa Hingoro, Syed Moin Islam.
Frequency of wound infection in children undergoing appendectomy for acute versus perforated appendicitis.
Professional Med J Jan ;29(01):26-30.

Objective: To find out the frequency of wound infection in children undergoing appendectomy for acute vs perforated appendicitis. Study Design: Observational and Cross-sectional study. Setting: Department of Surgery at Children`s Hospital and the Institute of Child Health Lahore. Period: January 2018 to July 2018. Material & Methods: Data was collected by using Random sampling technique. Patients of both genders were included. Diabetic children were excluded. Questionnaire was developed with the help of experts, literature review and data collection. Results: A sum of 120 patients were included with mean age of 9 + 1.94 SD minimum was 7 and maximum was 13. Some patients have acute appendicitis 20(16.67%) and 100 (80.33) perforated appendix undergone appendectomy. Conclusion: The findings of the study indicated that there is less wound infection in acute appendix but more wound infection observed in perforated appendix after appendectomy.

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