Nabeela Naeem, Shahid Jamal, Shameela Majeed, Rabiah Asghar, Haroon Khan, Amat-ul Naval Talha.
Evaluation of undergraduate medical and dental students\\\' perceptions and feedback of teaching learning methodology in pathology.
Professional Med J May ;29(03):415-9.

Objectives: To determine frequency of students` perceptions (satisfaction) regarding teaching effectiveness, feedback of assessment mode and suggestions for improvement in pathology teaching technique in a medical college. Study Design: Cross-sectional Study. Setting: Medical & Dental College Islamabad. Period: January 2017 to June 2017. Material & Methods: A total of 224 students, who were going to appear for their professional examination were included in the study. Approval from the institutional ethical committee was taken. A set of questions on T/L practices and the suggested modifications were incorporated into the questionnaire. Descriptive statistics were used in the form of frequency distribution and data was analyzed by utilizing percentages. Results: Study demonstrated that female participants were more than male students. The subject of pathology was found to be interesting by majority of the students and it was consented that knowledge about pathology helps in clinical rotations. The subject of Pathology was expressed to be tough by about one third (27.84%) of the students. Clinical correlations, presentations and explanations used to simplify the subject during lectures were found to be satisfactory by the students. Majority of the learners acknowledged that they were motivated to put up queries and respond to questions during lectures. Readability, usefulness of lecture presentations and innovative methods were thought to be acceptable by the students. Majority of the students recommended changes in teaching learning methods. Conclusion: A moderately high satisfaction was found among medical students regarding teaching and learning methodology of pathology. Pathology teaching system could be improved by applying group discussion; case based studies and integrated teaching approaches in our teaching system.

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