Ayesha Iftikhar, Sohrab Shaheed, Tayyaba Jahanzeb.
Impact of covid-19 outbreak on patients clinical appointments, anxiety and concerns regarding orthodontic treatment.
Pak Oral Dental J Jan ;41(4):205-11.

COVID-19 pandemic has affected social, personal and mental health of the people all over the world. Hence, this study aimed to assess the level of anxiety and concerns of orthodontic patients regarding Covid-19 pandemic and to determine the impact of quarantine on orthodontic appointments and treatment duration. Online Questionnaire related to COVID -19 was sent to orthodontic patients. Comparisons between level of anxiety and willingness to attend orthodontic treatment and respecting quarantine were performed using independent t test, Chi square, One-way ANOVA and Tukey test. Additionally, gender-based comparisons were also made. Spearmen correlation coefficient analysis was performed to investigate the relationship between age and level of anxiety. 200 patients (females 136, males 64) participants responded to the questionnaire with the age range of 18.87 +- 8. 012 years. Most of the patients were respecting quarantine. Generally, (44.3%) patients were calm about the COVID-19. As compared to females, males were more willing to attend orthodontic appointment although their anxiety level was slightly higher related to the impact on orthodontic treatment. There was an insignificant association between the anxiety levels and willingness for appointments, respecting quarantine and age. Delay in orthodontic treatment duration was one of the greatest concerns shown by the patients. COVID-19 Pandemic has influenced the orthodontic treatment but also the patient`s anxiety levels. Males were more anxious related to the impact of COVID-19 on orthodontic treatment. Patients willing to attend orthodontic appointments in emergency showed higher levels of anxiety. Delay in treatment duration was one of the most important concern of the patients.

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