Sabir Zaman, Kehkashan Arouj, Shahid Irfan, Basharat Hussain, Muhammad Arif.
Confirmatory factor analysis of Urdu translated clinician-administered PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) scale.
J Med Sci May ;30(1):22-7.

Objectives; Assessment methods for psychological distress are not properly established for people of diverse cultural background. In Diagnostic Statistical Manual (DSM-5) PTSD is categorized trauma related disorder, Clinician Administered PTSD Scale is golden standard to assess PTSD, and was adopted DSM-5 (CAPS-5). The study aimed to develop an Urdu translation of CAPS-5 and its psychometric properties. Although, a well-developed and established approach of translation and adaptation was used for CAPS-5. Methods; The study was conducted to translate CAPS-5 by using the steps forward translation (from English to Urdu), and back translation (Urdu to English). The psychometric properties of the scale were assessed using the bilingual sample of individuals from general population, who have the history of trauma, and injury. Total 317 individuals were participated in the study. For data collection two step approach was used. Initially, the participants respond to Urdu Version of CAPS-5, and then participants answered to original English, (CAPS-5). Results; The current study showed that first order (RMSEA value < .05), and second order model the RMSEA value .03, < .05 good fit for PTSD symptom level. The factor loading was statistically positive and significant, which indicated that all items contributing to PTSD symptoms. Conclusion; The result showed that Urdu version of CAPS-5 have good model fit which was statistically significant and positive for the sample of trauma survivors.

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