Pratikshya Thapaliya, Taimur Asif Ali, Mahwish Mahboob Bhutta.
Isolated pericardial cystic Echinococcosis: a rare clinical presentation.
Pak J Med Sci May ;38(3):770-2.

Isolated pericardial Hydatid cyst without involvement of other viscera is a rare condition with reported incidence of 0.5-2% of all cases of cystic echinococcosis even in the countries endemic for the disease. Hydatid disease is a major public health concern in the animal raising regions worldwide. Pericardial hydatid disease can be asymptomatic or present with varying symptoms from atypical chest pain, arrhythmias, rupture and tamponade to anaphylaxis. Early diagnosis and surgical treatment is necessary to prevent fatal complications. Here we report a case of symptomatic isolated pericardial hydatid cyst who presented with epigastric pain.

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