Nazli Hameed, Binyamin Butt.
Urethral Leiomyoma: a Benign Smooth Muscle Tumor in Female Urethra.
J Shalamar Med Dent Coll Jan ;1(2):38-40.

Background: A benign smooth muscle fibroid was found in urethra. The tumor can be seen in females of reproductive age group with a peak incidence reported at 41 years. The rarity is supported by less than a hundred cases reported in literature. Case presentation: In this case report a 48 year old woman presented to us with incontinence and poor urinary stream and was found to have a urethral leiomyoma. The lesion was enucleated and dead space closed. Patients made a smooth postoperative recovery. Conclusion: Urethral leiomyoma is a rare benign tumor affecting females of reproductive years of life. The clinical diagnosis can be aided by endoscopic or radiological investigation. Surgical excision is the preferred treatment with a low Risk of recurrence.

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