Bakht Samar Khan, Mohammad Naeem Khan, Zia ul Islam.
Marfan syndrome ocular manifestation and management - A review of 30 Cases (60 Eyes).
Pak J Ophthalmol Jan ;20(2):57-60.

Sixty eyes of thirty patient diagnosed as Marfan`s syndrome were examined at the Department of Ophthalmology at Khyber Teaching Hospital and Khyber Institute of Ophthalmic and Medical Sciences, Peshawar from April 1997 to October 2002. Out of these 18 (60%) patients were male and 12 (40%) were female. All of these patients had bilateral ectopia lentis (100%). Other associated ocular manifestation were refractive error in 60 eyes (100%), large axial length in 48 eyes (80%), glaucoma in 15 eyes (25%). Cataract in 15 eyes (25%), strabismus in 11 eyes (18.33%), retinal pathology in 28 eyes (43.67%). Fifty-one (85%) eyes required correction of refractive error after treatment. Fifteen eyes (25%) required glaucoma surgery. Cataract surgery was carried out in 15 eyes (25%). Nine eyes (15%) required anterior vitrectomy while twenty-four eyes (40%) required surgical intervention for retinal pathology. The visual outcome was 6/12 or better in 30 eyes (50%), 6/18 - 6/60 in 17 eyes (28.33%), up to 3/60 in 4 eyes (6.67%) while in 9 eyes (15%) it was just perception of light and therefore only received symptomatic treatment.

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