Haji Baie Saringat, Khalid Ahmad Sheikh, Gul Majid Khan.
Evaluating the effects of Plasticizer interactions with HPMC on the tack-behavior of polymer film-forming coating solutions.
Pak J Pharm Sci Jan ;17(2):29-39.

Tack is a concept that is widely used to describe the forces or energies involved in the separation of two parallel surfaces initially in contact through an intervening thin liquid film. The tackiness may cause tablets to stick with each other or to the walls of the coating apparatus. In this study, the HPMC -coating solutions were evaluated for their tackiness and the effects of interactions between the polymer and plasticizers on the tack behavior of HPMC film-forming coating solutions were investigated, using type TA-XT2 texture analyzer. It was found that experimental factors such as the contact time, rate of separation and volume of the film-forming test solution could effectively influence the magnitude of tack behavior. Moreover, up to certain levels, the addition of plasticizers such as PEG 400 & 1000 and of triacetin caused a reduction in the tack value of the polymer solutions. It was concluded that in general, the tackiness depended upon the molecular weight and/or type and concentration of a plasticizer. The efficiency of plasticizers used to reduce the tackiness of HPMC solutions ranked as PEG 1000 > triacetin > PEG400.

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