Zakkia Khan, Mohammad Iqbal, Bushra Nabi, Hina Khan, Wasim Ahmad.
Correlation between Postpartum Depression and Regional Anaesthesia during Labor: a study Conducted at Allied Hospitals, BMC Bannu-KPK.
J Pak Society Int Med Jun ;2(1):29-32.

Objective: The present study helped in evaluating the correlation between postpartum depression and regional anaesthesia during labor in female referred to allied teaching hospitals of BMC Bannu-KPK. Methods: This prospective, cohort study was conducted on 180 conceived females that were approached to BMC allied teaching hospitals during March 2019 to February 2020. The subjects were divided into two equal groups A & B. Group A received regional anaesthesia whereas group B was treated without regional anaesthesia after informed consent. Each group comprised 90 subjects and comparisons were done for any correlation between regional anaesthesia and postpartum depression during labor. Results: The results showed no remarkable difference between the two groups with respect to their BMI, age, and time of delivery was recorded yet, the severity of pain was different during numerous delivery phases and this was due to the administration of anaesthesia for one of the groups. Following the first week of baby birth, no remarkable association was seen between depression and regional anaesthesia. However, in the fourth week, a remarkable association as the administration of regional anaesthesia reduced the postpartum depression incidence in this week (p=05). Conclusion: Our study concluded that the effect of regional anaesthesia does not impose any significant effect on postpartum depression during 1st week however, the reduction can be seen in postpartum depression during the 4th week of the child's birth.

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