Rabia Zubair, Shumaila Zubair.
Perceived Voice Changes among Speech Pathologists during COVID-19 Pandemic.
Pak J Med Res Jun ;61(3):118-24.

Background: The inadequate and stressful environment of COVID-19 pandemic affected and triggered the inappropriate vocal behavior with stressful tension of laryngeal muscles and scapular griddle region among many practicing speech pathologists. Objective: To determine voice changes among speech pathologists during COVID-19 pandemic. Study type, settings & duration: A cross sectional study was conducted among certified speech pathologist with specific specialties and experiences across country of Pakistan and abroad through an online valid and reliable self-assessment tool from May to October 2020.   Methodology: Almost 150 Speech pathologists were approached through online medium, out of which only 70 Speech Pathologists responded on the research questionnaire. Formal ethical approval was taken from Riphah International University research ethical committee. After taking consent, the questionnaire link was shared with practicing speech pathologists. Data was collected and analyzed using SPSS version 16. Results: A total of 70 certified speech pathologists participated in the study, among them 7 (10%) were male and 63 (90%) were female. The preferred method of service delivery observed among speech pathologists was 34 (49.5%) hybrid service having both onsite and tele service. It was observed that 6 (8.6%) and 12 (17.1%) speech pathologists were facing with severe and moderate symptoms of vocal fatigue index, and 4 (5.7%),10 (14.3%) speech pathologists were with symptoms of severe and moderate voice use problems (pain in neck, throat etc.) respectively. It was also observed that with rest 58 (82.8%) speech pathologists were feeling extremely and moderately relieved from pain ...........  

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