Asrar Ahmad, Irum Saleem, Mahwish Mehboob Bhutta, Mashal Ahmed, Namra Sohail Raja, Rafia Durrani.
Sigmoid Volvulus Necessitating Total Colectomy.
J Bahria Uni Med Dental Coll Jun ;13(1):67-9.

Sigmoid volvulus is a well-known cause of large bowel obstruction. Its management includes urgent endoscopic decompression or emergency laparotomy. The gangrenous sigmoid colon is resected with either end to end anastomosis or Hartmanns procedure. Here we present a rare presentation of sigmoid volvulus causing gangrene of the whole colon. It was probably due to double closed loop obstruction caused distally by the volvulus itself and proximally by the competent ileo-caecal valve. It was managed by total colectomy with terminal ileostomy and Hartmanns procedure. To our knowledge only one such case report has been published in the literature so for.

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