Hina Sultan, Umaira Abid, Amna Khawar, Muhammad Ali.
Impact of optimism on post-traumatic growth of burn survivors: role of emotional intelligence, gender and severity of burn injury.
Khyber Med Uni Med J May ;15(1):38-43.

OBJECTIVES: To examine the mediating role of emotional intelligence (EI) between optimism and post-traumatic growth (PTG) among burn survivors and to see the interaction effects of gender and nature of injury on optimism, emotional intelligence and PTG. METHODS: This descriptive correlational study was conducted from 2nd January-30th April 2022, at in-patient department of burn centers of three public hospitals of Lahore, Pakistan. Out of 250 survivors of moderate and severe burns, selected through purposive sampling strategy, 229 completed the survey via face to face or call contacts. Participants filled out three structured questionnaires along consent form. Later, collected data was analyzed through PROCESS macro v3.5 and SPSS V23.0. RESULTS: Out of 229 patients 139 (60.7%) were males and 90 (39.3%) were females. Mean age was 32.4±3.1 years. Optimism had a direct effect on emotional intelligence, emotions perception, emotions utilization, managing self-relevant emotions, managing other’s emotions, and PTG, p<.0001. EI and all its subscales predicted PTG, the overall model explained 36% of variance in dependent variable, significant at R=.60, F (3,226) =151.30, p<.0001. Indirect effects of EI and subscales were found between optimism and PTG. Further, interaction effects of gender and nature of injury were seen for optimism, EI and PTG. CONCLUSION: Optimistic approaches and stimulating emotional expressions, managing self-relevant emotions, and utilization of positive emotions might help burn survivors in adapting to their trauma in the longer term. Further, both men and women reported post traumatic growth but severity of injury was affecting PTG in men and women equally.

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